In homes

Offering practical help for families struggling to support young children’s development at home.

In the last eight years, we’ve helped more than 65,000 children by making their homes better places to learn.


Supporting learning in the home

We know that a healthy, supportive home is vital to a child’s early development. It shapes what they can achieve at school and the person they grow up to be.

But for so many families living in poverty across the UK, the stresses of daily life can mean it’s hard to give children the support they need.

Over the last eight years we have helped to create a positive learning environment in the homes of more than 65,000 children.

Building Blocks

Our Building Blocks programme provides low income families with basic household items, learning resources and information that give parents the skills, confidence and headspace they need to help their children thrive.

Building Blocks works at a local level, linking up with key services already in family’s lives so that they can get the help they need, when they need it.

We’re piloting Building Blocks in six areas across the UK to test that it’s making the difference we want to see for children and families at home.

Our vision is for every child in the UK, regardless of their background, to have the best start in life.

Finding Innovative Solutions for Families

Our innovative approach to supporting families at home celebrates parents as their children’s first teacher. We look into the challenges and barriers parents face when it comes to supporting their child’s learning at home, and work with them to design and test solutions that fit into everyday family life.

Our flagship innovation programme is called Wonder Words - a campaign that helps families talk, sing and play more with their babies and toddlers to boost their early language development.

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