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Campaign with us

By harnessing the power of people - and by giving the microphone to children - we can work towards a better world. Together, we can rewrite the rules. Because every child’s future is worth fighting for.

Call for a Ceasefire NOW

Prospective MPs need to win the support of voters like you. Your voice and your vote are powerful, so it’s vital we push prospective candidates to support our calls for children’s rights globally.

Ceasefire NOW poster

Ceasefire Now poster

Sign our open letter

Our Young Peacemakers Assembly – a group of 14–18-year-olds from diaspora and refugee backgrounds – are campaigning for a better world for children affected by conflict. 

Their ask is simple. We need an immediate, definitive ceasefire.

Will you stand with children and sign their open letter?

Tell Rishi Sunak to protect children

A projection of the words "Ceasefire now" onto the Houses of Parliament, UK

In Gaza, there is a humanitarian catastrophe. Children have been killed. With no aid able to reach them, families are running out of water, food and have limited access to any healthcare.

Humanitarian assistance must be scaled up to meet the demands of the crisis, but right now, we cannot get aid to children in Gaza. That's why we’re demanding an urgent and immediate ceasefire. 

We need you to add your name to support our calls and protect children.


Stock photo used to show boy receiving lunch at school. Photo credit: iStock

800,000 children in England aren’t eligible for free school meals, despite living in poverty.

Free school meals are a lifeline for families on low incomes.

It is vital the UK government expands free school meals to help children living in poverty.

UK Government must do more to fight the climate crisis

Sisters Josephine and Lucy, from the Solomon Islands, play with flowers. Photo: Conor Ashleigh / Save the Children

For years, governments and parts of the private sector have put profit before the planet.

The price of this? Unpredictable and extreme weather. Floods. Droughts. Livelihoods destroyed.

And while children are not responsible for this mess we are in, they have the most to lose.  

They deserve better than this.

Add your name if you agree: children must not be left with a broken planet.

Protecting children in Afghanistan

Pari* and Sami* were displaced by the crisis in Afghanistan

Over 26,000 people signed our petition, launched in partnership with Global Citizen and Christian Aid, calling for a global summit to respond to the full-blown humanitarian catastrophe underway in Afghanistan.

The situation in Afghanistan continues to be dire but we are pleased to report that the UK will co-host a summit to address the growing crisis.

Gwen Hines, Chief Executive of Save the Children UK, said: “The situation in Afghanistan continues to be horrific, with many children and their families succumbing to illness and starvation.

“It’s crucial that the pledging summit is held as soon as possible. The time is now for world leaders to find a way to unlock vital funds and unfreeze financial assets to prevent the crisis from spiralling any further.”

Safeguarding Afghan children's education

Damsa in Afghanistan

Learning is a lifeline and the UK Government must prioritise the future of Afghanistan's children.

With their families, children in the UK discussed the situation of Afghan children, and their education, and then created letters and drawings of solidarity.

We want children in Afghanistan to hear us loud and clear - ‘you are in our hearts and minds – we care about your future.’


Every child deserves the chance to thrive. But often, rules and systems get in the way. Children face barriers that aren't just bad luck, they're a design of a system.

That could mean children can’t go to school because they’re a girl. Or suffer from diseases because their government hasn't made healthcare available.

Together, we campaign for these children.

We make sure the rights and dignity of all children are protected and upheld by their government. 

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