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Protecting Children in Conflict

No child should have to fear for their life. Together, we have the power to support children growing up in conflict. We can help them change the future.

You can make sure children are safe and protected

We can use our power as a society,  and as a country, to make sure children are never targets in conflict.

Together we can push the government to:

  • Make sure children are never targets: Uphold and promote international rules that are there to prevent attacks against children in conflict.
  • Take a stand against attacks on children:  Call out violence against children in conflict wherever they see it - even if the violence is committed by an ally. 
  • Protect children in conflict:  Improve our own humanitarian and civilian protection policies and encourage other countries to do the same.

Demand a world that gives every child a fair chance

Layla*, 13, at Save the Children’s Child Friendly Space in a displacement camp, North East Syria.

"I wish all the children could be healthy and happy. I wish that they can grow up safe and live their lives. This is my dream."

Layla*, 13, whose world has been turned upside down by the war in Syria.

A world that respects their rights. Where every child can flourish. 

But for children growing up in conflict, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fighting between adults is putting their lives in danger and their dreams on hold. 

We have to do more to make sure they’re safe and protected, and that they have the fundamentals every child needs – good nutritious food, medicine and healthcare when they’re sick, and the opportunity to learn.  

Those who violate children’s rights and rob them of their childhoods must be held to account - no matter who they are, or how powerful they are. 


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