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Back UK Aid

As the UK prepares to go back to the polling booths, it's a critical moment to protect our country's commitment to the world's most vulnerable children.

UK aid is an amazing success story.

It provides vaccinations for millions of children to protect them from deadly diseases. It reaches children in some of the most difficult places on earth, like Syria and Yemen.

But right now, our country's proud commitment to the world's poorest children is under threat.

In this general election, UK aid faces one of its greatest threats as critics take advantage of political uncertainty to attack aid.

As a country, we must not turn our backs on the world's poorest children. A better future is worth fighting for. A future where the world’s poorest children survive and become who they want to be.

Act now. Call on party leaders to back UK aid


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UK aid in action


What's a general election in the UK got to do with baby Maraga, born in a health clinic in rural Kenya?


It was UK aid that built and equipped the clinic room where she was born, trained the midwife who delivered her, and funded the motorbike ambulance her mum used in labour.

Maraga and her mum survived the birth and are doing well.


"It's obvious – if you're independent and educated, your confidence will grow and people will treat you with more respect." - Masuma, 16

Thanks to a UK aid-funded programme in Bangladesh, Masuma has been given chickens to keep and seeds to grow so her family can eat healthy food.

She goes to a group for teenage girls that helps them become healthier, more confident and independent.


For Sammy, learning to read in Rwanda has been life-changing. UK aid helped make it happen.

When he first started school, he struggled. "He used to come in last place," says mum, Josephine.

The First Read literacy programme transformed Sammy's learning. He went to reading clubs, and Josephine took part in the parents training.

Today, Sammy loves reading and his confidence has grown. "My son is now so smart!" says Josephine. "Long live this literacy programme."

Show your support for UK aid

In this election it's vital that leaders from political parties know there are people who feel proud of UK aid. By showing support we can help children, wherever they are, have the best chance in life.

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