A schoolboy is carried by his teacher to school from his home in Freetown.

The difference you've made

Your support has helped transform children’s lives

By signing petitions, sending letters and emails, meeting MPs and so much more, your calls for change have been heard. Here are just some of the changes you've helped us achieve. For even more successes from 2016, read our story - Rising to the Challenge.

We campaigned to get HMS Bulwark deployed

Thousands of migrant and refugees' lives were saved in the Mediterranean as a result. We're still fighting for a new deal for refugees.
One Save the Children volunteer waves a 'thank you' flag in the direction of the rescue vessel, HMS Bulwark.

A Save the Children volunteer thanks the crew of HMS Bulwark for their rescue mission in the Mediterranean.

The refugee crisis shocked us all. In a single week more than one thousand people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea as they attempted to make a life-changing journey to safety.

In the run up to the UK’s General Election in May 2015, more than 20,000 Save the Children supporters signed our petition asking for properly resourced search-and-rescue efforts to be restarted in the Mediterranean.

Our combined voices forced the UK government to listen and, as a result, they deployed the HMS Bulwark. In three months its crew saved more than 4,000 lives.

To thank the committed and brave people on the HMS Bulwark, more than 3,000 of you sent messages of thanks. We presented your messages to the crew on their arrival back to the UK.

We've launched our own rescue ship to save children's lives - the Vos Hestia.

We've launched our own rescue ship to save children's lives - the Vos Hestia.

You helped us tackle poverty with world-class childcare

That's why we’re continuing to call on the UK government to invest in children’s futures.

Every child deserves the best start in life. But right now, too many children don't have the support they need in their early years to do well at school and later in life. In fact, they’re falling behind before they even get to school.

We’re working across Britain to change this.

The poorest children in England start school an average of 15 months behind their better off peers in key skills like language. It’s proven that high quality childcare, delivered by caring and skilled staff, makes a huge difference to children's life chances.

Thanks to you, we’ve made great progress in making sure that every child in England gets the best start in life.

In February 2017, the government publised their strategy for the early years workforce which showed a clear commitment to boosting the number of Early Years Teachers! This is a big win for the campaign as this strategy could be life-changing for the 35,000 children in disadvantaged areas who have no access to a graduate teacher.

Without the support of thousands of Save the Children supporters, this change for children may not have happened. Thank you for everything you’ve done to raise the importance of giving our little ones a great start in life.

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