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Secondary Schools

Explore children’s rights in conflict and international development by learning about the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and how the Global Goals can create a better world - and what your learners can do to create change.

The UK does amazing work in tackling the most extreme poverty around the world with its overseas aid. As the next generation of active citizens, its so important that young people today have the chance to share their vision and priorities for UK aid.

With our new classroom resources, you and your students can explore the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can support other countries to create a better world. They are designed specifically for Key Stage 3 Geography and Citizenship lessons and can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

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We have the following resources for you to deliver in your school/classroom:

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Children playing football outside of Save the Children 'child-friendly space' in Syria.

Download our teaching resources to learn about the child rights crisis affecting Rohingya children fleeing violence in Myanmar. Introduce your students to concepts including the United Nations, International Criminal Court and global justice. Empower your students to use their voice to speak out and influence their MP to deliver justice for Rohingya children living as refugees in Bangladesh.

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