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CAMPAIGN! – our school’s campaigning resource – offers pupils the chance to become active citizens and speak out in support of children’s rights around the world.

Our resources are designed for primary and secondary schools. They explore children’s rights, children’s issues around the world and how your learners can create change.

We also have a fantastic team of trained speakers who can come into your school to lead assemblies and workshops with your learners.

Why use these resources?

Perfect for English, Geography, History, Philosophy & Ethics and Citizenship lessons, our active, pupil-centred teaching and learning strategies, are designed with an emphasis on:  
  • critical thinking and teamwork
  • empathy and initiative
  • debating and listening
  • leadership and public speaking

Our CAMPAIGN! resource will help you to address the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development of your learners, as well as allowing them to explore British Values.

It will also enable you to develop curious, globally aware young people with a real sense of social justice; empowering and equipping them to change the world for the better.


In Indonesia, schools are assigned 'doctors' within each class. These pupils look out for the less confident.

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