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Keep Asking Why?

When do we stop asking why?

As we grow up, it’s easy to stop questioning the world around us. To start seeing things as set in stone. "It's just the way things are," "It's always been like that," "It's too complicated to change..."

But the truth is, change is possible. We know that because every day, with the help of people like you, we make it happen. 

So now is the time to start seeing the world differently. Let's take inspiration from the curiosity and imagination of children and keep asking why?

Because when we do, amazing things can happen.

Estefany,* 15, Peru

Estefany*, 15 from Peru, looks with determination into the distance. A quote from her reads, "When I see that there is any injustice, I have to say something. I can't keep quiet."

Where Estefany* lives in Peru, many girls face harassment and violence. It seemed like it was normal - just a part of a life. But then Estefany asked, why? 

She joined the "I Also Have Something to Say" group, which fights for girls' rights and campaigns against sexual violence. There she learnt the tools she needed to take a stand. Now she's passing those lessons on by sharing the message with friends, relatives and even elected politicians. 

“The moment that you see that you are reaching more people, you feel that everything is worth it. Your life returns, the motivation returns, it motivates you to keep going.”  

Estefany saw the change she wanted and is leading the way to make things better for good. 

Through education, training and support, we are helping to empower more children like Estefany with the knowledge and information they need to take a stand against gender discrimination. 

*Name changed to protect her identity

Change the future

If we took inspiration from how children see the world, we’d call time on the idea that problems are too complicated, too far gone, or too big to change. We'd see the simple truth: every child deserves a fair chance to become who they want to be.

This is our chance to change the big stuff for good. Together we can demand a world where every child gets to shape their own future.

Donate Now. Change the Future.

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