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What Fouad Did Next

You’re helping children like Fouad start to live again – thank you for giving them a future to look forward to.

Fouad is a bright-eyed boy, full of energy and mischief! And beneath that gorgeous smile lies a big heart.

Born in Syria at the start of the war, he was just a small baby when his family had to flee their home, leaving Fouad a child refugee.

Fouad is a mischief

After escaping terrifying airstrikes, and tragically losing his mum, Fouad landed in a refugee camp with his dad, aunt, grandma and grandpa.

His family mean the world to him – particularly his grandpa. Grandpa is disabled, but Fouad loves going on walks with him. He can’t go very far because “his legs hurt” but Fouad doesn’t mind as long as they get to spend time together.

Fouad and his granddad in northern Lebanon.

Fouad and his grandad in northern Lebanon.

When we first met Fouad, he had missed out on so much education that he couldn’t even say his own name. The good news is, that thanks to supporters like you, Fouad was enrolled at the local nursery. And the impact has been remarkable.

His speech has come on leaps and bounds and he’s made so many new friends! He loves chatting about what he’s done at school each day and talking about the adventures he’s been on with his dad.

Now, he’s also learning to read and write, and enjoys marking out letters and words in his own special notebook.

Fouad enjoys writing and scribbling in his new notebook.

Fouad enjoys writing and scribbling in his new notebook.

Just a short while ago, Fouad wouldn’t have been able to say thank you but I’m sure that’s the first thing he would want to say to you now.

Because of you many more children like him are getting the support they need to allow their personalities to shine even brighter. And we think that’s pretty special! Thank you.

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