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Our amazing donors

Hour by hour, help us save lives

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Right now, millions of children around the world are acutely malnourished.

Many need round-the-clock care, medicine and life-saving foods like special milk formula and high-nutrient peanut paste just to survive.

With your help, we can get them through the first critical 24 hours - so they can begin to recover.


Whether you give a few pennies or plenty of pounds, you can help children during those critical 24 hours.

Stopping hunger is messy work - but the solution costs peanuts. Watch to find out the difference your donation can make.

Every second counts for a malnourished child

Our programmes provide vital, life-saving treatment to malnourished children around the world, like 4-year-old Ubah* from Somalia. Please send a gift to help during:
Ubah, aged 4, pictured at our stabilisation centre in Somalia

The first 24 hours

When children are acutely malnourished, the first 24 hours of medicine, monitoring and special milk formula can be the difference between life and death

Fadumo is one of the nurses at our health centre in Puntland, Somalia

The first month

After the first crucial 24 hours, a feeding programme gives children the essential nutrients they need to grow stronger

Ubah, aged 4, and her mum Yasmiin pictured at our stabilisation centre in Somalia

The future

When a child recovers from malnutrition, we can help them stay healthy through long-term solutions like teaching families to grow their own food

Meet Fadumo and Ubah*

Fadumo is a healthcare worker at one of our health centres in Somalia

This is Fadumo. She's a healthcare hero, and this is her story:

"Hi, I'm Fadumo. I am a nurse. I work at the special childcare centre in Somalia for children who are malnourished.   

I am in charge of the place! I supervise the staff and work hard for my patients. Often, they are children who were born into very poor families. To work for them makes me proud.  

It is very difficult to watch a kid who has been in a critical condition. When they are happy again and when they leave the hospital, it is very beautiful. You feel the outcome of what you have done."

Ubah, 4, pictured with mum Yasmiin after recovering from severe acute malnutrition, Somalia.

This is Ubah*. She and her mum Yasmiin* share a special bond: "I want for her to live a good life," says Yasmiin.

Life hasn't been easy for 4-year-old Ubah. She was born with a heart condition, which makes her especially vulnerable to severe acute malnutrition. 

Ubah received life-saving care from Fadumo and the team, including antibiotics and special milk formula.

Yasmiin says: "She could not drink well, but within 24 hours I felt good to see my child playing ...When I leave this place, I see my daughter walking, enjoying herself and playing with the kids. Her face is bright, happy and calm.”

Fadumo says: "One of my lasting memories was seeing Ubah's family relieved and happy of seeing their daughter get better - especially her mother who was  extremely sad about her daughter’s sickness."


We met baby Fatima* in 2019 at one of our health centres, where she was receiving life-saving care for acute malnutrition. Fatima beat the odds and returned home to her family. Now see how she's grown!
Fatun, 11, holds her little sister, Fatima, 4.
Amina feeds milk to her daughter Fatima at our stabilisation centre in Somalia.

Today Fatima is a healthy 4-year-old girl. Here she is with her big sister Fatun*. The sisters cherish every moment together. Fatun says: “I play with her and make her laugh all the time. I tell her stories and she keeps laughing!”

Malnutrition is a race against time

Millions of children around the world are malnourished. Our staff are working round the clock to save lives. Your donation could help a child survive the first critical hours - and help them recover.

*We've changed Ubah, Fatima and Fatun's name to keep them safe.

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