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The power of vaccines

Najma, 10, and her family pose outside their home in the Somali Region, Ethiopia

“Healthy children can do everything.” - Najma, 10, Ethiopia. 

Najma lives with her parents and seven siblings in a village where the nearest health clinic is hours away. Thanks to people like you, Najma and her sister Tufah have had vaccinations. 

But around the world, coronavirus has stretched health systems to breaking point. Already, 190,000 children in Ethiopia die every year before their fifth birthday - many because they can't access simple jabs and antibiotics. 

The impact of this crisis means even more children are at risk of dying - unless we to act right now.

Help children get through this

Healthcare systems around the world are stretched to breaking point. Act now to help children get the basic jabs and medicines they need to survive.
1 million more children are at risk of dying from preventable diseases in the next 6 months if they don't get basic lifesaving vaccines and medications. The reason? The coronavirus pandemic.

What your donation could do

Thanks to our supporters, we helped tackle a serious cholera outbreak in Sudan last year, vaccinating more than 165,000 people. 

You can help keep more children safe:

  • £20 could give a newborn baby a healthy start to life with a vaccine against diarrhoea and pneumonia, and supplies like nappies and soap.
  • £35 could provide 100 doses of measles and rubella vaccines.
  • £40 could buy medicine for X critically ill cholera patients.
  • £70 could get 50 face masks to health workers working in a cholera treatment centre.
Ifra's Story
Health worker Ifra at a community vaccine outreach session in the Somali Region, Ethiopia.

"Now, the community welcomes me warmly and they come for vaccinations from very far away" - Ifra, Health Worker, Ethiopia.

Now more than ever, there's a growing understanding of how important vaccines are. We've been training health workers like Ifra to go to to villages, explain the benefits of immunisation, and give children lifesaving vaccines. And it's working.

But now that coronavirus has hit - and cholera brought on by regional flooding is on the rise - this progress is being lost.

For millions of children the weeks to come are critical. Donate now to help us train more health workers to get them the lifesaving vaccines and healthcare they need.

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