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Children have hope

Help them rebuild their lives


“The accident happened when we were on the bus. A rocket hit the bus. We weren't aware of anything until we were hit.” - Ismail, aged 7.

Around 40 of Ismail's friends and classmates were killed that day.

We paid for Ismail's medical fees in hospital and ensure he could get to all his appointments. But helping children in the immediate aftermath of conflict is just the beginning. 

That's why it's so vital that we are still working with Ismail, providing counselling and support, to give him the best chance of fully recovering from his experiences.  


'Once ISIS arrived they started shooting at people's houses, forcing people to leave so they could move in instead.' - Mai, aged 11.

Mai lives with her parents and 3 sisters in a camp in North East Syria. She loves coming to Save the Children's Child Friendly Space at the camp, where she feels safe. Above all, she enjoys drawing and having the chance to be a child again.

'This space helps us to forget the war, the bombs and ISIS. It helps me forget the black clothes they made us wear - we are far too young to wear black!'


Shrapnel from an airstrike in Yemen flew into Razan's eye, leaving her with a serious injury.

Thanks to supporters like you, we paid for two eye surgeries which saved her eyesight. Like Ismail, she is also receiving psychosocial support to help her come to terms with her difficult experiences. 

Around the world and in the UK, we make sure children are safe and healthy. We support them to learn, grow and become who they want to be.

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