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How to set up online giving

Your fundraising powers possibilities

Setting up a page online is the best way to get sponsorship from your friends, family and colleagues. Follow our easy steps to get going!

Once you've visited JustGiving, you can follow these step-by-step instructions to set up an account. 

Created your very own JustGiving page? Then you'll get a link you can send to everyone you know! Spread the word and encourage them to donate to your cause. What's more, you'll get a text-to-donate code that can be used when you're busy and out fundraising! 


1. Inspire

Get your creative juices flowing and write an inspirational introduction to your fundraiser, whether it's a bake sale, a coffee morning or a hike for charity. 

This is going to be the first thing people see when they land on your fundraising page, so keep it simple. It's also what people will see when you share your fundraiser on social media – so making it short and sweet is a good idea. 

Talk about the cause you're raising money for and why. What you do really does make a difference. From groundbreaking education programmes to pencils in classrooms, every pound raised can help children explore a world of possibility. Make sure your friends and family know that! 

Find out more about promoting your fundraiser here.

2. Set a fundraising goal

Take aim and set a target for your fundraiser. This is a simple way to create momentum and give you and your supporters something to drive towards. 

3. Share your experience 

Take lots of pictures and let them do the talking. Any image that helps to tell your fundraising story will assist you when trying to explain your fundraiser to other people. 

4. Explain your passion

Why are you raising money? How are you doing it? Why does the cause mean so much to you? Bring it home in the hearts of your supporters by explaining why you're doing what you're doing. 

5. Give regular updates

Keep your supporters, friends and family in the know. Regular updates will keep them engaged with how you're doing and are a great way to show how close you're getting to your fundraising goal.

Before your fundraiser takes place, share how you're preparing to show how much hard work you're putting into creating a better world for children. Afterwards, you can spread thanks for your supporters' help.

6. Count it up

Don't forget to include any cash donations, as well as anything you receive by cheque, so that people can see how well you're doing.

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