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How to promote your fundraiser

It's time to spread the word!

From writing a captivating story to using social media, check out our tips and make sure everyone knows about your charity fundraiser.

If you're organising a fundraiser for charity, you'll need to shout about it to everyone you know in order to have the most impact. That means putting up posters, posting on social media channels and letting everyone know what you're doing to raise money and why you're doing it. 

Our tips below will help you on your way to promoting your fundraiser. 

Microphone on stage ready for save the children fundraiser

Shouting about your fundraiser might seem daunting but we're here to help.

Your promo checklist

Not sure how to promote your fundraiser? Start by checking off some of these ideas and you're well on your way!


Have you been saving up favours from friends, to use during a time of need? Now is the time to ask those you know for a helping hand! Think about family, friends, work colleagues, any local businesses, groups or clubs that you are a part of. You can even call on regional press to spread the word about your fundraiser. 

A story worth telling 

Whoever you're talking to, make sure you include a good story about why you are fundraising when you approach them for support. Share stories of the children we support and show the impact of your fundraiser and why it's so important. 

Be creative 

It's important to get people's attention. Use unusual promotional strategies to stand out from the crowd, such as competitions to win tickets, taking out an advert in your local paper and contacting community groups that are relevant to your event. This could be sport groups, parental groups or craft clubs. 

Social media can be a powerful thing

Keep your supporters posted about your progress, from the time you start preparing your fundraiser to the day you hand in your donations. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to showcase your hard work and help spread the word about your fundraiser and the cause you're raising money for. 

Don't forget to tell us all about it!

We love to hear about our supporter fundraisers. Send your photos and fundraising stories to and we might even ask you to feature them on our Facebook page or in our newsletter.


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