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Lockdown Birthdays

Birthday plans looking more 'self-isolation' than celebration?

‘Donate’ your birthday this year.

Ask friends and family to help change the future for children (instead of dishing out on presents and parties, like last year).

Or make your own donation!

Celebrate turning one year older by helping to keep children safe, healthy and learning.
Set up A JustGiving page, share it with friends and help change the future for children with your birthday.

It really is that easy

Any money raised from your Lockdown Birthday will go towards helping children in the UK and 114 other countries keep safe, healthy, and learning.

Ask your most generous friends to donate first to set an example.


could provide a supermarket e-voucher for a family in the UK to make sure they don’t go hungry during this crisis.

Know a kid with a birthday coming up?

Don’t let it be a let-down in lockdown. Alongside Beano, we're helping kids celebrate their birthdays in lockdown. Visit our Lockdown Birthday Bash page to order your personalised Party Power-Up Kit.

More ways to get involved