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Gaza Crisis

Child casualties now over 1,000


It has been a devastating period for the children of Gaza, with at least 13 children killed since the protests broke out in Gaza at the end of March.

After one of the deadliest days seen in the region since the 2014 war, the number of child casualties has risen to over 1,000.

The killing of children cannot be justified.

Even before the protests, Gaza's hospitals were at breaking point and bed occupancy was 90%. Now the new injuries means people are receiving treatment in corridors or being discharged before they have properly healed. 

We urgently call on all parties to take active steps to ensure children are not hurt and to protect children in accordance with the Geneva conventions, relevant international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Destroyed homes in Shuja'iyya, Gaza - one of the most badly affected neighbourhoods.

Destroyed homes in Shuja'iyya, Gaza - one of the most badly affected neighbourhoods.

Crisis in Gaza

Every day, life for children trapped inside Gaza grows more difficult.

Overcrowding, over-exploitation of resources and intensifying conflict in one of the most densely populated areas in the world is pushing children and their families to the limit.

After ten years of the land, air and sea blockade, children's education and healthcare and their parents jobs have all suffered. Many families only have access to a water supply for just four to six hours every three to five days. Often the water is unsafe to drink.

With electricity often limited to just four hours, it is near impossible for hospitals to operate effectively. Sewage treatment is also being compromised after power shortages, increasing the risk of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera.

These Gaza border protests mean more children risk exposure to violence, so it’s vital that the international community provides more assistance – yet funding is lower than ever at this point in the year.

We have over 30 years of experience on the ground in Gaza, providing water and sanitation, as well as programs for child protection and psychosocial health, among others.

We’re doing everything we can to sustain this hope, protecting them from immediate threats and helping create a brighter future and we wouldn’t be able to deliver this life-saving support without our incredible supporters.

Your donation will go to children in Gaza and others in armed conflict zones across the globe. 

What we're doing

We work with child refugees around the world, from Lebanon to Jordan, Greece to Finland.

  • We keep children warm by providing warm clothes, blankets and fuel for heating.
  • We distribute food, water, blankets and tents to refugee families who have lost everything.
  • We make sure that children get vital medical care. We reunite lone children with their families and keep them safe from trafficking and exploitation.
  • We provide emotional support. We set up safe spaces where children can play and mothers can breastfeed. We help children get back to into education.

Your help can make a difference for the children of Gaza and others affected by conflict – their suffering is a reality but your aid can save lives and help build better futures.