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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: Don’t bomb children

On Wednesday morning we installed a memorial statue to the children of Yemen outside Parliament.

This was to remind the UK Government of the scores of children whose lives have been torn apart by nearly three years of conflict.

The installation of the statue coincides with the first day of a three-day long visit to the UK by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – during which time he’s set to be wined and dined by Boris Johnson and Theresa May.

Call on Boris Johnson to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia

What’s happening in Yemen?

Saudi Arabia is leading a deadly military coalition and is responsible for countless airstrikes in Yemen, including on hospitals and schools.

This Saudi-led intervention, alongside the actions of the other parties involved in conflict such as the Houthi rebels and others, has resulted in what is now the largest humanitarian disaster ever, with 22.2 million people in need of help.

Children are especially badly hit, facing a triple threat of disease, hunger and airstrikes.

Throughout the week, we’ve been moving the statue to several different landmarks across London, and wherever it goes, the public is shocked and appalled on learning what’s happening, showing resounding support for our campaign to protect children in Yemen.

Save the Children's monument stands in front of Prince Salman's projection in London.
Save the Children’s memorial statue stands in front of a digital projection of Prince Salman – part of the Crown Prince’s audacious PR campaign – in London.

Is the UK Government supporting the conflict in Yemen?

The UK Government has a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia and provides diplomatic and political support on the international stage.

It’s critical that during the Crown Prince’s visit, the UK Government calls on Saudi Arabia to do more to protect children in Yemen.

Our hope is that this memorial statue to the children of Yemen encourages Boris Johnson and Theresa May to raise these issues with the Crown Prince during his visit, and that they press him hard to work alongside all other parties to the conflict to negotiate peace to protect children in Yemen.

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