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Phoneless Friday: five important tips for success

Friday 7 October is Phoneless Friday. The challenge? Survive a whole day without your mobile. It’s just you and your mates, face-to-face and phoneless, donating £5 each to save children’s lives.

Sure, it sounds tough. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are our top five tips for surviving in the really real world.


1. Team up with your mates

Team up for Phoneless Friday 2016

When it comes to going phoneless, there’s strength in numbers. Spread the word, recruit your team, and power through together. (Just make sure Mel from Finance isn’t checking Twitter in the toilets. That’s cheating, Mel.)


2. Don’t forget to set an alarm clock!

Set your alarm for Phoneless Friday

Remember: you’re going to start the day without your phone’s alarm. So dust off your old radio alarm clock and rouse yourself to Radio 1. It’s time to party like it’s 1999. Over breakfast.


3. Entertain yourself the old-school way

Remember your book for Phoneless Friday

No phone = no music, no Instagram and no podcasts on your commute. So get yourself some light reading to battle boredom on the bus. We hear War and Peace is a real page turner.


4. Talk to a human

Face-to-face chat for Phoneless Friday

Phoneless Friday is the perfect chance for good old fashioned, face-to-face chit chat. Small talk skills a little rusty? Keep our conversation starters in your pocket to shoot the breeze with ease.


5. Donate £5 to save lives

Sharmin - a Family Welfare Assistant in Bangladesh, reads with a child

Giving £5 to save children’s lives will make you feel better than levelling up on Candy Crush, we promise! Set up a JustGiving page for your team so everyone can donate quickly and easily.

Now go forth and go phoneless. You’ve totally got this.


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