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Syria: Bombs leave Aleppo’s children nowhere to hide

Two children in of eastern Aleppo.
Two children in eastern Aleppo, Syria.

Tens of thousands of children have become sitting targets as heavy bombing hits East Aleppo – the last opposition-held part of the city.

As the Syrian army advances, children have been left with nowhere to hide.

Penned into bombed area

With so many people penned into a small area, the threat from artillery and airstrikes has increased and the number of casualties is climbing fast.

In addition, there’s little medical aid and very few supplies. Food is dangerously scarce.

Children killed in makeshift school

Even outside Aleppo, the fighting and bombing continue relentlessly.

This week, three young children were killed when a bomb destroyed their teacher’s home. This had become their makeshift school after bombing forced their regular school to close.

We’re also hearing horrifying reports from the besieged town of Madaya where bombing and shelling have intensified.

Thousands under siege

We’re seriously concerned for the 750,000 people estimated to be living under siege in Syria.

It’s unacceptable that the UN Security Council failed once again to agree on a ceasefire earlier this week.

Unless urgent action is taken, many more children could die of starvation or be killed by fighting

Destruction on the streets of eastern Aleppo.
Destruction on the streets of eastern Aleppo, Syria.

We’re calling for a ceasefire

We call urgently on all parties with influence over the groups involved in this conflict to push for an internationally monitored ceasefire for at least 72 hours.

This would allow desperately-needed aid to reach the people trapped in East Aleppo. It would also give families and injured civilians the chance to leave the city.

Safe routes from Aleppo should also be set up to allow people to leave the city, and go to an area of their choosing, in safety.

If safe routes can’t be created, open “air bridges” – which involve aid being dropped at airports and landing strips – should be established.

After almost six years of suffering and war in Syria, the international community cannot still stand by as civilians are bombed with apparent impunity.

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