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Action 2015: People power can change the world

Energised young action/2015 campaigners make their voices heard in Indonesia

What do Malala, Stephen Hawking,  Meryl Streep, and One Direction have in common?

It might seem like a pretty unusual combination but they’re just some of the famous faces who are supporting an enormous effort to secure a better future for people and planet. Yesterday they launched the “We the People” campaign . This is just one part of an unprecedented collaboration of organisations, campaigners, celebrities and companies who have united because of the historic opportunity we have this year.

In less than a month’s time, on 25 September, world leaders will gather in New York to sign up to an ambitious set of targets- the new global goals for sustainable development.

If these goals are implemented they could change the world for good by ending extreme poverty, stamping out inequality and protecting people and planet from deadly climate change.

Holding power to their promises

It sounds ambitious but we can do it. The gains to date have been unprecedented – child deaths cut by more than half, more children than ever before in primary school and 2 billion more people with access to safer drinking water.

But as Usain Bolt highlights today in a powerful new film there’s no point in only going half way.

However, these goals aren’t legally binding. The only way we can ensure they turn from paper to practice is to ensure that everyone knows about them and that leaders around the world feel the pressure to implement them.

A global movement for action

It’s a pretty ambitious task but we’ve got a pretty impressive movement working to achieve it. Campaigns like action/2015 and the global goals campaign – both supported by Save the Children – are playing a pivotal role.

Action/2015 is a citizen’s movement of over 2,000 organisations and millions of ordinary people from all around the world united by the belief that 2015 is an unprecedented opportunity to secure change.

We’ve been campaigning hard since January and are gearing up for a final push to ensure that when those leaders sign up to the goals they feel the eyes of the world upon them and when they meet again in Paris in December for climate talks they sign up to and then deliver an ambitious treaty.

On 24 September , the evening before the goals are announced, action/2015 will be rallying hundreds-of- thousands of people around the world who’ll be taking to the streets and taking action online to shine a light on the commitments their leaders are about to make

7 billion people in 7 days

The global goals campaign is a complementary initiative focussed on using every single means of communication possible – from song, to text message to email and even sport to get the goals to 7 billion people (yep the whole world) in just 7 days.

This combination of people power, technology and famous faces are all vital ingredients in success.

And it really matters.

These goals are about fulfilling the rights of people around the world whether they live in the UK, Uganda or Uruguay; about fighting injustice and inequality; about ensuring that every child grows up in safety able to fulfil their own potential and about making sure that no-one is left behind.

No excuse for inaction

The progress we’ve already seen hasn’t happened by chance – it took political will, prioritisation, investment and partnership. When the last set of goals – the Millennium Development Goals – were agreed 15 years ago, Twitter and Facebook – let alone Instagram and What’s app – didn’t even exist.

Today, with all the tools, knowledge and technology we have there is even less excuse for inaction.

So we can all play our part . Start today and add your voice to the “We the People” campaign and tell the world about the issues you care about.

Then stand with us on the 24th September and help light the way to a better future.


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