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India: This election is a crucial chance to change the world for children

Children make up 40% of India’s population – they’re barely a minority yet they’re a silent one, in political terms, since they don’t, of course, have the vote. This makes it critical that those of us who do get to vote ensure that the political agenda incorporates those issues that affect children’s wellbeing.

So it is particularly heartening to note that in this General Election, for the first time ever, most of the major political parties have allotted a special section of their manifestos to children’s issues.

Children can’t vote – so it’s vital that we vote in their interests

In a democratic nation, elections are our opportunity to push the body politic towards policy reform that will change the world for children – especially those children who are marginalised or excluded.

In India, 1.4 million children a year die before their fifth birthday due to easily preventable causes; 1.2 million children are obliged to work; 1.7 million children are deprived of an education; and every third survivor of rape is a girl child. Children are our nation’s future: we must do more to protect them.


Save the Children India is running #Vote4Children, a campaign to remind voters and political parties alike that children’s needs must not be forgotten. This is the world’s largest democratic exercise – it must represent the needs and improve the lot of the most vulnerable.

As part of the campaign, Save the Children, along with other organisations and individuals concerned with child rights, met with political leaders from various parties, at both state and national level, with the aim of influencing their election manifestos to produce better results for children.

The films below are intended to show why you should #Vote4Children

These children don’t want your money, or your chocolates. If you are able to vote in this election, they do need your voice. Although she is silent, this five-year-old speaks for every child in India. This is probably the most important thing you’ll watch today.

Take Action Now: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/vote4children/




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