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Attention G20: Letters from Liberian children affected by Ebola

EbolaMegaphoneTo the World Leaders and children:

I will pray to God to move Ebola from our town.

I will tell people not to drink from the same cup and bottle, to wash your hands, and to spray chairs when someone visits you.

Ebola kills poor people, people who are looking for food on the street, who do not have money.

Ebola makes me feel bad and it is hard to run away from Ebola.

Ebola is making me not go to school, which I do not like. I do not go out any more to visit my friends.

My mother cares for me and she tells me not to go out.

Ebola makes me not see my best friends any more. I miss my friends at school and teachers. They go to try hard and find a cure for Ebola, but they should be careful not to catch Ebola.

And children, please be careful.

I want the world’s leaders to send more health workers to take Ebola from our country. We can do it together. Can you world leaders send money and more doctors?

Thank you for taking my letter

Ben*, Liberia, 10 years old




Dear World Leaders,

I’m Dimitri* and I am 16 years old. I have lost three of my friends to Ebola, as well as my best friend, which put me through a lot of pain.

I can’t play with my friend any more, neither can I go to school – all because of Ebola.

I am kindly asking all the world leaders to pay attention to us and do more to help us kick Ebola out of Liberia.

We, the children of Liberia, need you all and your support. Help us kick Ebola out and put smiles on our faces again.


Dimitri*, Liberia, 16 years old


*names changed to protect children’s identities






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