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What do children really need in South Sudan?

Children are fleeing their homes in Sudan’s Blue Nile state, seeking safety from bombs and violence.

They have few personal belongings, except a small portion of food to sustain them on the long trek to Upper Nile state in South Sudan.

Seeking safety

In Doro refugee camp, 60% of the 23,000 inhabitants are children.

This already alarming statistic continues to grow as refugees arrive daily in Doro.

Countless groups of children sit in the shade, playing with twigs and long grass.

The large number of children is obvious while walking around the camp.

They roam around in search of something to eat such as a dug up root, carrying and soothing the younger ones, or spend hours standing in line waiting for enough water to drink but unfortunately not enough to wash.

Help us reach children caught up in emergencies

Food, water, shelter, school

Our team assessed the critical needs of children and how we could best support them.

Their basic needs were obvious and confirmed in discussions with village leaders and community members – food, water and shelter.

In our discussions with children they requested balls, jump ropes and swings, and to go back to school.

Sharing the same dream

“I am not happy to see kids go without an education. I dream for children to go to school when they are very little,” said a local village chief.

The needs for both the refugees and returnees are countless and urgent; every child has the right to food, water, shelter, recreation and education.

We’re dedicated to upholding the rights of all children in South Sudan.

We share the same dream for all children to be healthy and have the opportunity to play and go to school.

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