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UK: striding forward with my head held high

By Lizzie Lleshi, Community Events Team Manager, Save the Children

Big news, Gunners! I’m now able to run non-stop for 25 minutes!

To be honest, I’m not going to be winning any races and I don’t think I’ll be getting my call up for Team GB at the Olympics, but I’m still delighted with my progress.

I’ve measured the distance and its 3.1km, so not far enough – I still need to double the distance to get round the Emirates.

Roar of support

I’m actually really starting to enjoy it and I’ve managed to drag my husband around with me – mostly as my bodyguard as I run along the canal at dusk.

I make him run behind me though, as we’ve discovered he’s a very flat footed runner and his feet slapping on the floor breaks my concentration.

However, in the last five minutes of the run, he shouts encouraging things in my direction, which really helps.

I might need everyone at Arsenal to be shouting at me on the day – I would definitely be boosted by a huge roar of “Go Lizzie! You’re doing really well, just a little bit further”.

Setting my pace

Thinking it through, I’m able to recover and breathe again within about five minutes, so even if I run for 25, walk for five and run for another 25 minutes, I should be OK.

I’ll let the fast people run on ahead and then stick at a pace that suits me.

I’ve done the same with my fundraising – there are people who have raised more than £1,000, but we’ve done ok with just over £200 and hopefully a little bit more to come in over the next couple of weeks.

I do some kind of fundraising every year, so I do worry that my friends will get a little fed up of me asking, but they’re just going to have to listen!

There are kids here in the UK and across the world that are vulnerable and living in tough situations in some of the poorest parts of the world, and if they can face their lives with bravery, then I can pluck up the courage to run 6.4km and ask for a bit of cash in support!

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