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The EU and vaccines: a call to action

Are you interested in what Save the Children is doing to get the EU to do more to provide vaccines to the poorest and most vulnerable?

A good place for information is a special supplement to Parliament magazine called Investing in Immunisation.

Inside you’ll find a call to action from the EU Vaccine Advocacy Coalition supported by the Save the Children EU Office.

Strengthening health systems

This calls on the EU institutions to provide direct financial support to local communities and to strengthen health systems, particularly with support for frontline health workers.

The call reminds the EU institutions that access to immunisation is every child’s right regardless of nationality, residence, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and cultural heritage.

It also calls on the EU to do more to reduce the costs of vaccines and to coordinate its work with other development partners in order to increase access to routine immunisation for all.

Watch this space

This is my first blog for Save the Children, and I’ll be keeping you updated on what’s being done by the Save the Children EU office (on Facebook too) especially our work supporting the EVERY ONE campaign to provide health and nutrition services to save children’s lives.

The supplement containing the call to action also includes plenty more information on vaccines and the EU institutions including one by Mary Honeyball MEP on a written declaration she is urging her fellow MEPS to support so it can be adopted by the European Parliament.

I’ll be blogging next month on her chances for success as the deadline for the declaration approaches.


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