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Syria: A father’s fears

“My seven-month-old daughter, Rafif, needs milk urgently,” Jaber said.

“She can’t eat anything else at her age. I am worried about her.”

I met Jaber in Al Fakiha village in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. He had arrived from Homs just three days earlier with his wife and three children.

“All that I worked for my entire life”

Jaber looked extremely tired. He had been moving around for many days and had just found a small apartment where he can stay with his family. Rooms were completely empty; there was nothing at all bar a few mattresses and blankets on the terrace and some clothes that the family received as a donation.

I don’t know how Jaber will manage to pay the rent, especially because he is not working, nor how he will provide his little girl with food, knowing that she is underweight and might get sick soon.

Jaber lost “all that I worked for my entire life” in Syria:  his home, his job, his property.

Jaber’s wife was sitting on the side with their two other children, looking sad, tired and worried. She looked like she hadn’t slept or rested for days.

I was mostly worried about Rafif; what if she does get sick? What if she cannot get appropriate medical treatment then? What if her life is at risk?

Not being able to provide for your family

The thought of it was deeply distressing. After all that this family has been through back in Homs, something had to be done immediately to help them.

So, three other colleagues from Save the Children and I  went to different pharmacies nearby to get the supplies Rafif needed.

Jaber had tears in his eyes when he saw me coming back.

I couldn’t help but imagine how sad it must be for him as a father not to be able to provide his child with the basic necessities she needs to survive.

Mona, Communication and Advocacy officer, Save the Children in Lebanon

Baby Rafif with her mum. The family has just arrived in Lebanon from Homs



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