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Mauritania: because children are children

Tomorrow we head back to Madrid and some of my friends will ask me questions like ‘what sense does it makes to work in Mauritania when there is a financial crisis going on in Spain?’

I’m not going to try and convince them they’re wrong because they’re not. It’s true that our children are affected by the crisis. Child poverty has increased to 10% since 2008 in Spain.

But Mauritanian children are children just like ours.

Why we work around the world

Save the Children’s founder, Eglatyne Jebb was definitely a woman ahead of her time.

She created Save the Children to help children affected by World War I. Some people criticised her for helping children of enemy countries. But Eglantyne thought that children were children, no matter what background they came from.

Children are not responsible for the crisis or the armed conflicts caused by adults, yet they are the most vulnerable to these situations.

This is why we work in Spain, in Mauritania, Peru, Philippines and more than 120 countries defending children’s rights; because children are children – wherever they are.


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