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I’m a Gunner, but am I a runner?

By Lizzie Lleshi, Community Events Team Manager, Save the Children

I’m signed up to Be a Gunner, Be a Runner on 31 March – how did that happen? What was I thinking? I don’t run! I trot along in fabulous high heels – my trainers are shoved at the back of a cupboard. Why did this 6.4km run seem like a good plan? How did I convince myself this was a good idea?

One cold January morning, my husband made me a cup of tea whilst we planned our day, mainly focused around the Swansea vs Arsenal match.

I’m lucky enough to work for Save the Children, so later that day, in a moment of insanity I thought ‘Be a Gunner, Be a Runner’ would be a perfect opportunity to combine my husband’s love of Arsenal, with my love of saving children’s lives!

Born to Run

What seemed like a good idea whilst sitting in the pub watching the game, seemed much less fun when limbering up in my kitchen at 7.30am the next Sunday. With Springsteen’s Born to Run playing in my ears, I braved the outside and began my slow but steady jog.

It was a good plan to go out early, as within minutes my face was the colour of Arsenal’s home shirt. But the exciting news is – I managed to run 1.5km without stopping!

I’m determined to make it round the Emirates without stopping – now I’ve committed to it, and started writing this blog, there’s no way I can back out now. Eeek!

Are you a runner?

I would love others to join me in this challenge and be one of the many runners taking part in ‘Be a Gunner, Be a Runner’ at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday 31 March 2012

The ten-lap run around the outside of the Gunners’ home will raise money to help give the world’s poorest children a better start in life. That’s worth getting a little bit hot and sweaty for.

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