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Help break the chains of hunger

If the campaigns team is looking a bit ragged at the moment, it’s purely because we are so focused on having THE most amazing plans in place to ensure that David Cameron helps to break the chains of hunger at the G8 meeting in May.

There’s a lot he can do to help free millions of children from hunger and we’re really hoping he’s going to step up to the mark.

Our ‘chain letter‘ has provoked an amazing response – we have nearly 6,000 signatures just a few days after it launched.

Sign our chain letter to the Prime Minister

Our supporters are calling on him to ensure that there’s agreement on three issues:

  1. A food security initiative that focuses on nutrition – not only should agriculture produce more food but it must produce more nutritious food.
  2. Increased funding for proven solutions to tackle malnutrition, such as fortifying foods with vitamins – just like cereals are here in the UK.
  3. Set a global target to reduce malnutrition, which will galvanise political action on hunger.

This is no ordinary chain letter. By signing it, you’re helping to break the chains of hunger by putting pressure on David Cameron and showing your support for the issues.

Like with any chain letter, it must be shared so sign it and share it immediately if you haven’t already!

There’s not much time to do this – everyone must act now.

This brilliant film helps explain why it’s so crucial that everyone acts now to support the campaign and how every action will help bring about positive change for children.


More ways you can get involved

Three day challenge: We have supporters signing up to a food challenge where they’ll use only three ingredients to make all their meals over a period of three days. I imagine they are going to find this pretty tough, I know that I would.

It’s unbelievable to think that millions of children only get to eat a few varieties of food every day of their lives. What is a challenge for us, is their every day reality.

Local campaigning: Campaigners in Bristol, Bath, Birmingham and Sheffield are all chomping at the bit ready to take action in support of the campaign, and many more are organising meetings with their MPs and arranging stunts to get more signatures for the petition.

If you want to get involved or hold your own event, contact Annabel Taylor on aetaylor@savethechildren.org.uk

Finally, watch this space for some for some mind blowing stunts with escapologists, who will be showing us quite how easy simple it is to break the chains of hunger if you really put your mind to it…


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