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Bangladesh: defying the floods

Written by Scott Clarkson, fundraiser at Save the Children

You may remember our Build it for Babies appeal. We asked for your support to help us build seven new clinics in a remote corner of Bangladesh where mothers and children don’t have access to the health services they so desperately need.

The clinics will be up and running in 2013, but in the meantime we’re doing whatever it takes to reach the people who need us most, when monsoon floods leave whole villages completely cut off.

You can see from these pictures how our water ambulances are defying the floods to bring expert healthcare to pregnant women and mums with sick babies.

Rohima and health workers stepping off our water ambulance

Pregnant with twins, Rohima was suffering from preeclampsia (a condition causing high blood pressure and other symptoms that affects some pregnant women) and in urgent need of medical care.

Flooding had left the nearest clinic out of reach so our water ambulance came to the rescue.

Health worker Shapna (in the orange sari) gave her the immediate care she needed as intrepid driver Nazir (below) transported her to a hospital.

Driver Nazir uses a bamboo pole to try and free the water ambulance from a low lying part of Bera Mohona river.

Once Rohima arrived at the hospital, she safely gave birth to the twin girls, Shrishti and Mukta, who you can see her proudly holding below.

We want to make sure as many children as possible in this remote corner of Bangladesh get the life-saving care they need.

That’s why we’re planning to build seven new clinics in this area – so no child is out of reach.

Rohima, 35, holds her twin girls, Shrishti and Mukta, who are just a month old.

Photos: Jeff Holt/Save the Children

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