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A New Year’s resolution with a difference

To mark a new year, some of us choose to take the time to ponder what resolution to make or what goal to set.

For others, such as the leaders of a refugee site in Unity state, South Sudan, it requires little thought.

The refugees made their immediate and main resolve to provide a quality education for their children.

Help us reach more children caught up in emergencies

School under the trees

Thanks to the dedication of teachers in the refugee community, school classes are gathering under the shade of trees.

Their efforts are impressive considering there are no school rooms or furniture, the lack of learning materials and the baking heat.

Children arriving at their new outdoor classroom in a refugee camp in South Sudan.

No food, shoes or pencils

Despite missing meals, shoes and even pencils and paper, children arrive daily at 8am.

Their goal is to finish the school year, which has been interrupted by the violent conflict in the Nuba Mountains.

The teachers here cannot stress enough the need for school structures and learning materials, but also their own desire for teacher training.

Their goal is to continue to develop professionally.

What we’re doing

For South Sudan, a new nation currently experiencing multiple emergencies, there are many goals to set and achieve.

We’re continuing to work with the government of South Sudan to provide children with a brighter future.

We’re increasing access to early childhood development and primary schools, training teachers and supplying teaching and learning materials.

Help us reach more children caught up in emergencies

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