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2001: peanut paste saves lives

Our race against hunger journey brings us to another breakthrough in saving children’s lives.

It’s hard to believe that the child on the left is the same child on the right. Her name is Bishara from east Africa, and her life was saved last year after being treated with a high-nutrient peanut paste.

In 2001, we began using this peanut paste which has been credited with significantly lowering child mortality rates during food crises across the world. It’s an incredibly simple treatment, which requires no water, preparation or refrigeration, meaning that we can save even more children from hunger.

Not getting enough food to eat is one the leading causes of children’s deaths around the world, but with this high nutrient peanut paste, we now have an essential weapon in the race against hunger. This video shows you how the paste saves the lives of children like Bishara.

Today, we continue to save the lives of children around the world dying from hunger.

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