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1960: starting the search for long term solutions

Our race against hunger has brought us to 1960. That year we teamed up with the UN and other aid agencies in the first effort at addressing the problem of food insecurity with something more than sacks of food aid for the hungry.

We looked to involve developing countries in analysing the causes of food crises and malnutrition, and as a result find sustainable solutions. It proved to be successful, and this philosophy remains critical to our work today.

Pictured above is a current Save the Children garden program in Niger. We’re helping women produce nutritious food for their families where otherwise they’d be forced to survive on a few meals of maize.

No longer can hunger to be fixed with just aid; the race against hunger now looked to longer term development for answers.

We continue to save the lives of children around the world dying from hunger. Join our Race Against Hunger.


We’re sharing  gold moments in our race against hunger throughout the Olympics:

01/08 Our race against hunger began in 1919

02/08 1921: The Russian Famine

08/08 Starting the search for long term solutions



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