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This week we heard a great story about a 9 year old boy called Joe, who did something amazing to raise money for Save the Children. Something that not many 9 year olds I know would manage. Something that not many people I know would manage!

Joe managed to do a sponsored silence for 8 hours.

He was so inspired by one of our television adverts that he decided to do a presentation at his school and tell all his friends about Save the Children. He then did his 8 hour sponsored silence, raising a fantastic £230!

Joe’s story has got us thinking. If the media were to be believed, it would be easy to think that children and young people don’t care anymore. Young people are often portrayed as having no ambition, no vision and no hope for the future. That’s not our experience of children and young people today.

The children we encounter on a weekly basis have hope. They hear about all the awful things happening in the world and they want to see change. They know that they can make a difference, however small, and they are passionate and enthusiastic about doing everything they can to help.

As our child fundraisers grow up, I hope they won’t lose that compassion and sense of injustice which leads them to do amazing things for us. I hope they will continue to believe that they can make a difference. They can. We all can.

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