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Remember, remember, November’s Will Aid month

November is fast approaching, which means it’s that time of year yet again. No, not Bonfire Night, although the words ‘Remember remember’ are very apt… it’s Will Aid Month! The best month of the entire year for making your Will.

Now, you may be sitting there thinking “not interested – I have already made my Will” or “why are you telling me about this – I don’t need to make a Will for ages yet”. But, please, hear us out for a moment.

So, why should I make a Will?

As I’m sure you’re aware, having a Will is a serious business. If you do not currently have an up-to-date Will in place, then you run the risk of not being in control of what happens to what you leave behind when you die.

This means that your loved ones may not receive all of the provisions that you worked so hard to be able to leave them. Or even worse, it could mean that your children will be left without a legal guardian.

 It is also crucial that you seek professional help from a solicitor when making your Will. We always strongly urge proper help and guidance because, after all, it is probably the most important document you will ever sign. 

Ok, ok… but what is this Will Aid that you mention?

Well, this is where Will Aid comes in, and why Will Aid is such a fantastic scheme. During Will Aid month (remember, remember – it’s all through November!) many solicitors across the country waive their fees for writing and amending Wills. Yes you did read that correctly, they write your Will and charge you nothing for it. Pretty amazing, yes?

That is pretty amazing.

But here’s where it gets really amazing. In return, all these solicitors ask is that you make a donation to charity in line with how much it would cost to write your Will.

This year, the suggested minimum donation is £85 for a basic Will, and £40 for a codicil (this is just a posh way of saying ‘an amendment to your Will). The donations all go to Will Aid, who then divide the money equally between their chosen charities. Save the Children being one of them!

So, thanks to Will Aid, you get the chance to make or change your Will without getting stung by solicitor’s fees, and with your money going directly to save the lives of children throughout the world. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of your positive effect on your own peace of mind too…

Wow! So how do I find one of these Will Aid solicitors?

Simply go to the Will Aid website for more information about participating solicitors in your area. But don’t wait – Will Aid solicitors get booked up very quickly so, please, do it today!

And finally, during Will Aid month last year, Save the Children received over £220,000. This is a tremendous sum of money. And what’s more, at least 77 people used the opportunity to include a gift in their will to Save the Children too, ensuring that we will continue to save the lives of children worldwide right into the future.

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