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RB Global Community Challenge: Day Two

This week and next, 64 Reckitt Benckiser employees from 33 different countries are arriving in Brazil for this year’s RB Global Challenge in aid of Save the Children.

31 of them are already well under way with the Community Challenge in Petrolina, north-east Brazil.

The team, along with the trekkers who will arrive next week, has raised nearly £300,000 for Save the Children over the past nine months.

Some of these funds are being used to renovate and rebuild two creches in the Joao de Deus community of Petrolina.

Below two of the Community Challenge volunteers recount their second day:

Markus Meusburger, 27, works for RB Germany:

“After another hard working day at the creches in Petrolina we are back now in the hotel, all exhausted but happy at the same time. Again the weather was fairly good today and not as hot as expected.

“Today’s task of Adriana, James and myself was mainly related to continuing the build up of the sand box which we have started yesterday.

“We are getting along well and I expect us to finalize the wall around the sand box by tomorrow morning.

“After that we have to fill up the box with sand and thereafter it will be ready for the children to play.

“Team spirit and passion on site is absolutely incredible and the commitment of the Global challengers is exemplarily.

“The local workers started trusting us and by now it is a fantastic collaboration. Everyone on site is 100% motivated and is keen to over deliver on the project.

“The Brazilian general manager visited us today at the creches and also he was impressed by the team spirit and commitment of all the Global challengers.

“Brazilian TV was again on site and interviewing a couple of Global challengers. Let’s see if we can see us again tonight on Brazilian television as we did yesterday.

“The three words which do describe this unique experience best are as follows: Team spirit, Diversity, Improvement.”

Natasha Qureshi, 26, works for RB Canada:

“In the two days at creche the team of 12 RB volunteers, led by Anthony, has raked up weed infested school grounds, manually torn down a 30 feet long cement wall with sledge hammers.

“We’ve also cleared away the rubble from the wall in wheel barrows, laid down a new brick wall and sanded, primed and painted the outer school walls.

“We have sweated and worked muscles that we never knew existed in our bodies. But if I stopped here then i would be just giving you half the story.

“What has really been the highlight of our trip so far is the interaction we have had with the school children and their parents.

“During the two days here we have met with the 3 and 4 year olds who attend this school.

“We have seen their eyes light up when they have entered the school and have seen it change from a dreary building with leaky roofs to a painted and expanded school.

“A few students from the nearby schools have also written beautiful English letters to us – trying to communicate and welcome us. Parents have brought us native Brazilian fruits and juices to help us get along the day.

“The generosity and affection of this not-so-well-to-do community have really touched us and has made us realise that the work we are doing here will go a long way.

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