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Picture this: Kayleigh’s painting for East Africa

When I heard the report about the drought in Somalia, and the numbers of people dying from starvation, I was absolutely devastated.

To raise money for Save the Children and its projects, I’ve done a painting of a starving child from Somalia.

My painting of a Somalian girl. You can bid for it on Ebay - all money goes to Save the Children.

This is a black and white oil painting, 30 inches in height and 24 inches wide. The oil paints are quite thick so the painting has a nice texture to it.

This painting is up for auction on Ebay. All the money raised will go to Save the Children.

Bid for this painting. 


Here in the UK our supermarkets are jammed full of food, we can go to whichever fancy restaurant we want to, and we take it all for granted. Whereas on the other side of the world, in places like Somalia, millions of people are in danger of dying because they don’t have access to the most important living requirement – food.

I think this is outrageous.

I believe the UK has done well to raise money to go to help alleviate the food shortage considering we are in this economic crisis. However, I think that if we could see the effects of the emergency in Somalia for ourselves, or if we had experienced it ourselves, then we would think again and we would give a lot more.

In an emergency like this, we can never give too much.

Eyes wide open

It’s been two years since my trip to Mongolia, and there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t thought about Batima and her family living malnourished in the shanty town, with that one bed in that little tiny room.

I thank Save the Children and my grandparents for that experience. It has completely and permanently widened my eyes. I think my sister and I feel that we have changed in that we think less about ourselves and more about other people.

Thank you

Many thanks to you for reading this blog.

And even more thanks if you are thinking of making a bid on the painting.

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