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Nothing for us is everything for them…

Upset caused by a red dress instead of pink for my doll turned the house upside down. All attempts by my parents failed to please the 9-year-old me.

Than my mum told me, “You are lucky to have all you want….please open your eyes and look around!” There are people who are underprivileged, who do not get a basic meal…there are kids who die of malnutrition, even before they can start walking. You must thank god for what you have & help those who don’t.”

Still unconvinced and upset, looking outside the window I spotted a man sleeping under a shop across the road. He was shivering with cold and was wet due to rain. He didn’t have any warm clothes or a blanket. Than I recalled what mum said and quickly pulled a blanket off my bed and ran to that man. He could not even move…so I extended my hand and spread the blanket on him.

The next morning, the first thing I did was to checkout if the man was OK. I was devastated to find him dead and an ambulance carrying his body. This incident changed me forever and gave me an impetus to carry out small acts to make a difference.

With time I wanted to do more and joined the Reckitt Benckiser’s Global Challenge to support Save the Children’s work.

I started the fund raising drive in September 2010 through some fun events with games and fiery auctions. Auctions which I titled as “Clash of Titans”….where big, filthy-rich executives made bids for an iPad and raised over £2,700 in one night. I also got lot of support from Reckitt Benckiser’s senior management and suppliers. The drive has already crossed £4,200 so far.

The thought of how this money will help so many kids is motivating me to do more. I will keep you updated in my drive to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Wish me luck 🙂

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