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Malawi: Schools powered by community power

Today marked my final day here in Malawi – in the morning we visited Namlilambe primary school where we received an extraordinarily warm welcome.

The thing that has struck me the most throughout my trip is the friendliness of the local people, especially the children!

We observed an English class at this school, in which I was very impressed by level of teaching and how the school coped with a short supply of books.


Similar to the school we visited yesterday, the community came together to provide reading materials – parents of the children provided English words such as mosquitos, lice and dangerous using homemade ink on pieces of card/paper (the lesson was called ‘Dangerous insects in the home’).

What was particularly significant about this school is that it would not exist if it was not for the community.

The parents of the children no longer wanted their children to have to walk 5km to school, so they started this school, and maintain it, themselves.

Loans for the future

After our visit to the school, we were welcomed into the home of Mrs. Christina Mora, who is a client of Opportunity International Bank Malawi (OIBM), and a parent of children that attend Namilambe primary school.

Through speaking to Mrs Mora, the partnership between Save the Children and Opportunity International is evident. When Mrs Mora received her loan from OIBM to expand her rice business, she opened a savings account for her children.

Through the expansion of her business Mrs. Mora has earned enough money to send her children to school. This is just one success story out of many that have greatly benefited from the cooperation between Save the Children and Opportunity International.

Remarkable project

I have really enjoyed my time here in Malawi, and have gained a deeper understanding of this remarkable project between Save the Children and Opportunity International.

Leaving now a little bit tired but happy.

Thank you for reading my blog – Hannah

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