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Libya Crisis: children going through unseen, unheard misery

Last week here at Save the Children we launched an emergency response to the crisis in Libya. We’ve asked supporters to email William Hague asking him to help push to let aid through to the hardest-hit areas, and we asked people to donate what they could so that we can help kids on the ground.

Just over 3,000 people have emailed William Hague so far – please help us add to the numbers.

In western Libya children have been almost invisible in the media reports that have been shocking all of us in recent weeks; this despite one-third of Libyans being under 18.

Sadly those reports that have got through tell the stories of  children being killed; for example the three very young brothers caught in the crossfire while goat herdering [mentioned towards the end of the 2 min clip]. There’s also been some coverage of our concern for the 1 million plus children at risk in western Libya.

Unfortunately our concern grows as Libya finds itself on the brink of a civil war.

Children going through unseen, unheard misery

The missing children of western Libya are going through unseen, unheard misery. We know from previous experience responding to conflict situations like this that children suffer psychological trauma. Intimidated by the violence, they can’t go to school or get to doctors and nurses when they fall ill, and parents are put at risk even trying to get food on their tables. Many others will have been shot, or lost family members in the violence.

That’s why we’re calling on William Hague, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, to ensure he is using the UK’s power and positions in the UN and EU to gain access for humanitarian organisations, including Save the Children, to western Libya.

Over 3,000 people have emailed, so if you haven’t already please add your voice to theirs and email William Hague to ask him to back our calls. Once you’ve emailed please share the action with others on Facebook, Twitter or good old email.

We’re already supporting children and families who’ve fled the violence to the borders with Egypt and Tunisia. We’re making a difference, providing shelter, hygine kits with essentials like toothbrushes and soap, and other support. We’re also preparing larger-scale support in eastern Libya and scoping out as best we can what will be needed in western Libya once we can work there.

We need your donations urgently to continue our work with fleeing families and in order that we can put our other plans into action.

Email William Hague asking him to push to get aid through to the hardest-hit areas.

Thank you.

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