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It’s time for action in Witney!

On Wednesday a group of inspiring local campaigners from Witney, Oxfordshire, went to meet their local MP, Prime Minister David Cameron.

The group had arranged the meeting to hand in the fantastic 25,000 signatures that our health worker campaign has had so far.

They handed in a giant prescription with the words NO CHILD BORN TO DIE printed on it and urged the Prime Minister to prescribe more health workers in poor countries.

Our campaigners with their local MP, David Cameron.
Our campaigners with their local MP, David Cameron.

An appalling situation

Local campaigner Sue James, who attended the meeting, said:

“In the 21st century it is appalling that so many children are dying because poverty stops them seeing a doctor or nurse or because their mothers have to give birth alone.

“This isn’t about finding more money to spend on aid — it’s about investing the money already set aside on the things that have the greatest impact.

“World leaders urgently need to take action to deliver on their promises to reduce the number of child deaths and we were glad to have the opportunity to show David Cameron how important this issue is to people in his community.”

Time to step up

The Prime Minister said:

“It was a pleasure to meet with constituents who care so passionately about saving children’s lives.

“I agree with them about the crucially important role played by health workers and was pleased to be able to tell them about the work the UK government is already doing to support health workers and health care systems.

“The international community should step up and take the action needed to promote the health of children around the world.”

This is a great example of local campaigning in action!

Are you interested in doing something similar?

All over the country people have been adding their voice to the campaign; they’ve been signing petitions, writing letters to their MPs and local newspaper editors.

With just over two weeks to go before the UN General Assembly, it’s vital we keep up the pressure.

To get all the resources you need to campaign in your local area, please contact the campaigns team at campaigns@savethechildren.org.uk or phone 0207 012 6532 and ask for your very own health worker campaign pack.

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition today!

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