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Honey Monster on a mission to raise £1 billion for charity

Today we’re popping down to a film premiere at Leicester Square. Unfortunately we’re a week late for Harry Potter, but who needs Lord Voldemort and Ron Weasley when you can have Rocky Taylor.

Today’s launch of Remember A Charity’s new campaign, which hopes to help raise £1 billion for charity, is being backed by British stuntman Rocky Taylor.

Rocky has appeared in nearly 150 films including Titanic, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean. He’s participated in all 22 Bond movies, taught Cliff Richard judo, and played the first Honey Monster in the popular TV ads.

Charity stunts

Rocky is helping to raise awareness of the Remember a Charity campaign by performing a series of stunts. The first one takes place at Battersea Power Station on 2 August. Each stunt will be interactive, allowing the public to vote on Facebook to decide exactly how Rocky performs them.

Follow Rocky Taylor’s progress as he prepares for his first stunt on Facebook. 

Find out more about leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children.

Rocky, who as a stuntman has faced danger throughout this career, knows the importance of writing a will. Remember a Charity was formed in 2000 and now has over 150 member charities, including Save the Children, who work together to encourage more people to consider leaving a gift to charities in their will, after they’ve looked after their family and friends.

£1 billion

The truth is that most charities couldn’t exist if it weren’t for the generous gifts people leave them in their wills. But despite around 75% of the population regularly supporting a charity in their lifetime, only 7% remember a charity in their will. If just 4% more people left similar gifts it would raise a phenomenal £1 billion more a year for good causes.

 Legacies (or gifts in wills) are the foundation of charities in the UK.

Find out more about leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children.

To follow the campaign on twitter: #legacygiving #charitytuesday

 This blog was written by Fiona Ferguson, PR Executive at Save the Children,

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