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Four hours to save four million lives

When I first heard that we can save 4 million lives over the next 5 Years because of 2 new life saving vaccines, it was simple maths. What are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and make it happen.

Then reality struck.

Although these vaccines are available and ready to go they need the money to get them to be rolled out to reach the worlds poorest.

Four hours to save four million lives

Sign our petition now

So the task became clear we needed to pressure our world leaders to get them to help finance these vaccines so we can save the lives of millions of children worldwide.

In just a few short weeks world governments will be meeting in London and will have 4 hours to pledge support for these vaccines.

So how would we get out there and make some noise about the whole thing?

We bumped our heads together with Save the Children and we created a giant syringe that will tour the country to highlight the need for action and Save the Children’s petition demanding action.

You can sign that petition here

We always hear the everyday cynicism that these problems are too big to solve and that our hard earned tax payer’s money is going to waste.

However the real truth is smart aid programs like this is saving lives.

International aid works

For example vaccination programs have completely eradicated smallpox, reduced measles deaths by 78% and polio by 99% these statistics are real success stories and real Living Proof that our efforts are transforming the lives of millions.

We don’t hear the good news often enough and that is why ONE in partnership with the Global Poverty Project is taking these inspiring stories around the country in our Living Proof Tour.

On Wednesday we was in Edinburgh we took some great photos by Edinburgh castle and then as part of the tour we met some students at Edinburgh University who then each wrote to their local MP asking them to support these vaccines.

Look out for the giant Syringe that is coming to a city near you, I hope to see many of you on the road.

The writer is Nadeem Javaid who works at ONE, a grassroots campaign to fight poverty and preventable diseases.

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