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“Every single person we help to survive is a precious life saved.”

The crisis in Somalia has not yet peaked and Save the Children staff out here are all too aware of it.

The pace and complexity of our work is not letting up.

Constant meetings, phone calls and updates continue as we strive to reach those in need and meet the increasing needs in Somalia.

The situation in Somalia was already horrifying — the worst child malnutrition rate in the world, thousands going without food and water, and overcrowded impromptu camps forming on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

Floods bring filthy water

Now the rains have arrived and instead of providing relief, the camps are flooded, and people are living in inches of filthy water without proper shelter.

Families who have left their homes with nothing are now facing the terrifying prospect of disease outbreaks and further flash flooding.

Our team knows the world will see many more deaths in this already weakened population.

Against this backdrop it would be foolish to say our work is easy.

Expanding and continuing our life-saving work in Somalia is not without its challenges. However, it is possible.

Life-saving work

It is now the fourth month of our response to this disaster.

We’ve tripled our work in south-central Somalia, reaching over 63,000 people displaced from their homes.

Last week we urgently flew in two planes with aid for 4,500 families exposed to the rains (the entire population of one of the camps).

We distributed 9,000 plastic sheets, soap, rope and other essential items.

We  provided vital health services to 2,000 children last week alone.

We’re feeding 100,000 children under five and pregnant mums this month.

No wonder we’re exhausted!

Our mantra

So despite the constant meetings, challenges, increasing need and the exhaustion of our team, we have one mantra:

“Every single person we help to survive is a precious life saved.”

This blog was written by Katie Seaborne, Regional Information and Communications Coordinator, East Africa

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