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#66cities campaign – add your voice

Campaigners from around the country today braved the blustery November weather and the perils of London’s weekend transport to attend the annual Save the Children campaigner’s conference.

The main focus of the conference was our #66cities campaign and many of the campaigners there signed up to become one of our #66cities champions, deciding to put the knowledge and skills they’d gained from the sessions into direct action.

What is the #66cities campaign?

Our #66cities campaign aims to use the power of social media to help Save the Children in our work to end extreme hunger.

We’ve developed the Charter to End Extreme Hunger, along with 26 other charities, to try and prevent a food crisis like the one we’ve seen in East Africa this year from happening again.

The campaigners who signed up today to become a #66cities champion for their local city will be helping us to lobby the government to help end hunger in the world and will be using social media to mobilise the campaign in their local area.

What can I do to help?

At today’s blogging session people were keen to learn about how social media could help them campaign. And to us, it’s simple – we need you to spread the word amongst your social networks and get people to sign our petition urging Prime Minister David Cameron to sign our government up to the Charter.

Here’s three simple actions you can do:

If you’ve got one minute: tweet or use your facebook status to share the Charter to End Extreme Hunger with your friends. Use the hashtag #66cities and this link to our petition bit.ly/savehungerwb

If you’ve got two minutes: sign our petition asking David Cameron to sign the Charter now.

If you’ve got five minutes: Write a blog post about our campaign to End Extreme Hunger and tag your blogging friends. If you’re not a blogger why not write a mini-blog using a facebook note and tag your friends in that.

If you have any questions or want some photos or more information for your blog or twitter you can drop me a line: r.childs@savethechildren.org.uk

You can also follow me on twitter @savechildrenpr and also our main supporter feed @savechildrenuk.

And, if you want to help lead the campaign in your local area you can also still sign up to be a #66cities champion.

What’s next?

At the end of our campaigns conference today I watched as our #66cities champions headed out into the cold again for a group photo, each of them now wearing a t-shirt (thankfully most of them managed to put these over their jumpers!) emblazoned with the name of their city.

That photo may have marked the end of the campaigners conference but the #66cities campaign is only just beginning. The campaign is now in their hands, and yours too.

If you search for #66cities on twitter you’ll find some brilliant campaigning tweets and blog posts already and we need your help to add to those voices. Your voice can join ours in calling for an end to extreme hunger.

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