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50 Cent and me: Mummy blogger campaigns to save lives

Once again the remarkable parent blogging community rallied round to show their support for the women and children of the world. 

In New York, politicians, celebrities, the great and the good have all gathered to decide how much they would give to save the lives of millions of mothers and babies who are dying when they shouldn’t.
And I was there. Representing you. Listening to see what they would come up with.


Somewhat to my surprise I found myself in a room with Desmond Tutu, Christy Turlington, 50 Cent, a Queen and leading politicians from around the world at the UN Every Woman Every Child event. Each stood and spoke for a minute pledging their commitment to saving the lives of women and children.

I felt  underdressed and overwhelmed, standing in my jeans and shirt amongst the glitz and glamour.

But then I remembered the 150+ bloggers calling for change, the 42,458 signature petition and the 3 million people we reached online. More than that I remembered the women and children we were shouting for and I realised that I had every right to be there to hear what these people had to say.

Keep up the pressure

They didn’t promise enough, but they went a long way and they talked the talk. If they come through on their pledges and commitments they will save the lives of many, many children and their mothers who would otherwise have died.

However, we need to keep the pressure on, we need to hold them to account and ensure they keep the promises they make. We have a responsibility to do so.

Read about Save the Children’s campaign for more health workers.

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This post comes from mummy blogger Chris Mosler

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