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UK Election night in Haiti

It’s 9 in the evening in Haiti — 3am in London — and we’re listening to BBC World Service political pundits counting in the votes in the UK general election. There is no electricity here and the generator keeps cutting out and leaving us in temporary darkness. They are predicting a victory for David Cameron. I leave the country for 2 weeks and the whole place goes to pot (other candidates are available)!

Wondering what plans Dave has for overseas aid? The UK currently commits 0.07% of GDP, and I know Save the Children is campaigning to make sure the next government doesn’t cut this figure. Maths isn’t my strong suit but I think it works out at a little less than Dave’s parents spent on his schooling at Eton.

Joseph the lovely Kenyan doctor has just gone outside to fiddle with the generator, while swarms of local winged insects are having a bug party on my laptop screen since it’s the only source of light for miles around. I’m about to hit the sack under the mozzie net, and am hoping that whoever is PM when I wake up in the morning won’t leave Haiti in the darkness forever.

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