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Haiti: The earth is shaking

Get a grip, man! The earth is shaking. O-M-bl%*dy-G!

We were sitting on the roof of the 3-storey building of the Save the Children offices in downtown Leogane, and … what the hell was that?

The whole building properly shook. It lasted maybe 2 or 3 seconds. Very heavy. Not a sharp movement. But deep and extremely powerful.

There were 30 or so of us on the roof, having all just eaten our lunch. We all felt it. There wasn’t exactly panic. By the time we registered what it was, it was over. There was even some nervous laughter. They were all Haitians so no doubt they have been through plenty of aftershocks.

I wasn’t laughing though!

Ok, game over. Novelty worn-off. Cards on the table. I’m scared now.

BTW – Have decided to sleep in the tent tonight!


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