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Running for the children

So another week, and still not very much running done.

I was planning on going on a run one night and ended up personalising my JustGiving page instead. This did take a long time, but it is definitely worth doing. If you have an online fundraising page open personalise it NOW.

I’ve decided I want the money I raise to go to our Children’s Emergency Fund. This is because I couldn’t decide between getting the money to go to our work in Niger and Afghanistan. Children in both of these countries are in serious need of our help. Now I just need to get my family and friends to donate…

So I really didn’t get much running done over the past couple of weeks. According to the 16 week beginner training programme for the Royal Parks, I was scheduled in for three runs of 20 mins this week plus one 40 min run on Sunday….I only managed to do the 40 minute one on Sunday — eeek! But the run I did was actually quite enjoyable.

It was a beautiful evening and I found myself relaxing into it. Having relaxed shoulders and breathing is going to be part of the challenge I think, but it feels so much easier when I am relaxed. I got some good songs on my Ipod and my route took me through a park and down to the River Thames, so it was quite a picturesque run — intermittently also running alongside busy A roads (part of the joy of running in London). I used a website called map my run, to work out that it was 3.78 miles. I was quite happy with that.

Finding the time to run is the issue for me. When you get home late from work and still haven’t had supper, it is difficult to find the motivation to go for a run then. But then again, if I spend half an hour watching a repeat of a Friends episode I have already seen 50 times, or I go for a run around the park, which is going to get me round 13.1 miles come October!?

97 days to go….

If you are interested in running the Royal Parks Half Marathon with me, get in touch as we still have places left!

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