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Royal Parks Half Marathon: It’s the final countdown…

It’s been a fair few weeks since my last blog, and a fair few miles have been covered in that time. My half marathon is now only days away! Time flies when you’re having fun…

About a week ago I went on my final “long” run before the race – 10.5miles in and around Leeds. I have started feeling much more confident about the race with that under my belt. It was windy and it was cold and it was ten miles long (!) but I made it!

If I can do that I can do 13 miles with the support of my friends and family cheering me on… But I hope I’m not leaving too much to “the crowd support will carry you the last few miles” fable!

I also went on a great run with Olivia, Richard and Brian who also work for Save the Children and are doing the Royal Parks Half Marathon. I never thought I would be the kind of person to do a 4.5mile run in their lunchtime – but look at me now!

To avoid the tube strikes tonight I am going to run from Wimbledon to Shepherd’s Bush – around 8 miles. I definitely need to be tapering now, with only 5 days to go – don’t want to get injured now!

I’ve started wondering whether I will keep up with running after the race and I really hope I do. I have really enjoyed getting some fresh air and getting to know London a bit better. And I definitely feel fitter.

Before my long run I got up at 7.30am to try and practice the same schedule as race day (top tip from the BMF trainers), so had a big bowl of porridge two hours before I started the run.

I did think it was a crazy thing to do on a Sunday morning – get up that early to go for an almost two hour run! Will never be the kind of girl that does that regularly, but I hope I’ll keep up with the 3,4 and even 5 mile runs. Watch this space…

My fundraising is starting to get going properly now – my JustGiving page is getting some activity which is great. I sent the link to my page when it had just been pay day which helped.

I also looked at the JustGiving blog which talks about utilising social media for fundraising. I’m up to £271 as I type which could pay for the basic equipment, such as weighing scales for a health facility in Afghanistan where malnourished children are treated.

This feels good, but I’m hoping that come race day and the weeks after I will make a few more bob than that and be able to save even more children’s lives.

If anyone is around in London on Sunday 10 October and wants to come on down to Hyde Park and cheer me on, along with the 4o other Save the Children runners then please do!

There is going to be a cheering point at around mile 10 which is at the top of Hyde Park. There is also going to be a Save the Children area in the charity marquee so come and find us there! It is such a great day out and I’ve genuinely really enjoyed the event each year (this year is it’s third year).

I love the Royal Parks in the Autumn and there is a great atmosphere as everyone enjoys being outside and having the buzz of the race combined with lots to do and lots of free food at the Food and Fitness Festival. I just hope that I’ll be able to enjoy the day this year!

I want to get to the end and feel like I couldn’t give anymore and that I ran as hard as I could. I know what I need to do, I know I can do it, I just need to make sure I relax.

If you want anymore information about where to find Save the Children on the day e-mail me – events@savethechildren.org.uk. If not, wish me luck!

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